Live Stream Chat Guidelines
for the “Stereo Dust Particles” Network of Shows

The following text is an effort to provide an official description of some previously unwritten guidelines applied to various live streaming shows. Please read it at least once. The idea here is not to prevent anyone from being who they are, or to stifle anyone's freedom of expression. Rather, we are trying to avoid unpleasant situations and topics that only serve to cause trouble. A few too many bad experiences are the reason for this document's existence.

It is in no way my intention (and yes, this document was supposed to clearly state so, but it didn't) to speak for anyone other than myself. These "guidelines" are something from which any broadcaster can pick and choose, if they opt to do anything. (Yes, you can be a part of SDP and have a show with NO rules at all, if you like. Some people do!) And of course, your feedback and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. Contact me (or any other SDP broadcaster) with them.

In a hurry? Perhaps the short form will be of interest to you.

These guidelines aren't meant for "trolls". Trolls don't care about any of that stuff, and are "equal opportunity" troublemakers.

General Rules

Chat Rules




Copyright © 2014-2017 by William Walsh, et al. Some rights reserved. Permission (and attribution) are required to reproduce this document, which is exclusively for use by the Stereo Dust Particles "network" of broadcasters. Originally there was no copyright notice present here, but it seems that some people have funny ideas about what is copyrighted and what is not.